Crypto Cards Review

When it comes to crypto cards, there are a variety of options available. From cards backed by major crypto exchanges to those that allow you to load crypto funds onto the card itself, crypto cards offer a convenient way to spend your crypto holdings as if you were spending regular fiat currency.


Crypto cards work like traditional debit cards, with crypto funds loaded onto the card and then spent using the same merchant networks that regular debit cards use. Crypto cards provide a convenient way to access crypto funds without going through an exchange or wallet. In addition, crypto cards offer users various features such as cashback rewards, travel benefits, and extended warranties.


In this crypto cards review, we’ll look at available crypto cards, their features and benefits, and how to decide which crypto card is right for you.



PlasBIt Cards are an excellent way to manage your crypto and fiat currencies in one place. With this innovative solution, you can exchange currencies in seconds, withdraw fiat currencies in any ATM and get instant notifications about your transactions. The card includes an EMV chip and a designated pin code for ATM withdrawals, providing the utmost security.


Moreover, you can lock and unlock your card instantly and control your spending. Additionally, you can access your transaction history and swap currencies anytime, making it a hassle-free solution for your financial management.



  • Anonymous card allowing you to transact without revealing your identity.
  • Virtual cards.
  • Three-tier cards with affordable fees and high limits.
  • High-security features using EMV chips, 2FA and designated PIN codes.


PlasBit offers three different cards with different limits as follows:


  • PlasBit Virtual:

    $25,000 load per day from PlasBit wallet, $5000 POS purchase per day, and $50,000 loads per month from PlasBit wallet.
  • PlasBit Plastic:

    $50,000 load per day from PlasBit wallet, $5000 POS purchase per day, and $500 single ATM withdrawal.
  • PlasBit Metal:

    $100,000 load per day from PlasBit wallet, $30,000 POS purchase per day, and $10,000 single ATM withdrawal.

The top features and high limits offered by PlasBit make it a top contender in crypto cards review.


Binance Card

Binance cards are supported by both Google Pay and Samsung Pay, making it easy for users to make payments. The best part about Binance cards is that users can hold and exchange cryptocurrency only when making payments, thus offering a seamless and hassle-free experience. 


Additionally, users can earn up to 8% BNB cashback every time they spend, which is a significant benefit for regular users. Binance cards offer free ATM withdrawals, no foreign exchange fees, and annual fees, making them an attractive choice for frequent travelers and crypto enthusiasts.



  • Instant crypto-to-fiat conversion.
  • Low fees and no foreign exchange fees.
  • High cashback rewards of up to 8%.
  • High-security features supported by Binance.


The limits for Binance cards are as follows:

  • EEA Virtual Card:

    Daily spending limit of 870 EUR
  • EEA Physical Card:

    Daily spending limit of 8,700 EUR and daily ATM withdrawal limit of 290 EUR.

Coinbase Card

Another top card in crypto cards review is the Coinbase card. It is one of the most convenient and secure ways to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. With zero spending fees and no annual fees, you can enjoy the freedom of using your crypto without worrying about hidden costs. 


Plus, the card offers unlimited crypto rewards on every purchase; you can earn rewards like 1%cashbak on spending BTC and 4% on ALGO. The card also features industry-leading security measures, including 2-factor authentication, card freezing, and the ability to change your PIN. 


With these features, you can rest assured that your cryptocurrency transactions are safe and secure.



  • Unlimited crypto rewards that differ depending on the crypto asset.
  • No spending fees and no annual fees.
  • High-security measures, including 2FA and card freezing.


The limits for Coinbase cards are as follows:

  • $1,000 ATM withdrawal limit per day
  • Daily spending limits depending on the account.

BitPay Card

BitPay card is another top card that makes it to this crypto cards review. It is a highly convenient and innovative payment solution that allows users to make purchases using their cryptocurrency balance easily. 


Users can reload their balance without conversion fees and avoid costly currency exchange fees when traveling abroad. 


The BitPay app lets you view your balance, request a new PIN, and easily manage your account. BitPay card also offers cash back crypto rewards on purchases and referral rewards.



  • Instant crypto-to-fiat conversion.
  • Cashback crypto rewards on purchases.
  • Referral bonus.


  • $2,000 per withdrawal limit on ATM and three withdrawals a day.
  • $10,000 load per day limit.
  • $10,000 spending limit per day.
  • $25,000 maximum balance


Crypto cards are an incredibly convenient way to use your crypto on the go, and the right card for you will depend on your individual needs. In crypto cards review, each card offers different features, rewards, and limits to fit your lifestyle and budget.


We recommend you use a card like PlasBit because it’s the only card that offers anonymity when spending crypto in real-world applications, as well as incredibly high daily load and withdrawal limits.

Crypto Cards Review